Where do I find the best dental implant price?

verte-clinique-despre-6When looking for the best dental implant price, you certainly want to benefit from the advantage of a high quality work. A dental implant that must last long and have the quality you want is not completed until its final stage when the treating dentist is sure the bone where the pivot is introduced does not reject it. Together with the specialists we are assuring you can find the best solution available, the one that better suits you.

The smile is the first thing you notice in a person when first met. A beautiful and bright smile can bring you more success in relationships with others and creates a positive first impression with all the people around you get into contact quite often. We know what should be done to restore people smiles in one of the most successful dental clinics in your city. There are no dental problems in front of which our specialists would give up. 

Even the most challenging and difficult to treat diseases represent for us new challenges to overcome – safe and sound, and every single time. We help you to get over your fears that you might have when visiting a dentist. This dental clinic dentists have the know how to approach each issue and know how to explain to patients the nature of their dental problems and the treatment that needs to be done for each of them. 

Once you have entered the door of this dental clinic, your problems become also ours and the solutions we find will be always in your benefit. Dental services provided by best prepared specialists within one of the best dental clinics that you can find, will bring many benefits in your oral health plan. Both prevention and dental and oral diseases treatment are performed here at a high level.

All the patients treated successfully up to this moment can say for sure they had the best treatment at convenient prices. In order to get inspired and choose the services of a professional dental clinic you should gather some information in advance and see if there are specialists in all dentistry branches.

You may need a specialist in paediatric dentistry for your child, one in orthodontics, implantology or in another dental specialization. Here you can be sure of finding them in one single place, benefiting from all the attention and care you need to feel at ease. When choosing a dental clinic you must carefully consider all the existent details. The staff, the environment people are working in, the arrangement and equipment of the dental offices are all basic elements for the successful treatment you'll receive.

You have also the possibility to make a subscription when you want to come back for subsequent consultations, all with a convenient cost for you and your family. There are many dental clinics on the market, but it is you who decide choosing one of them, depending on the criteria that should be met, in your vision. We know that a satisfied patient will come back anytime with pleasure for a consultation or for a routine dental treatment. Our efforts are focused on impeccable quality of services, on our patients and their needs.

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What our customers say

Today I have a beautiful smile, but it wasn’t always like this. Before coming to Verte Clinique I postponed as much as I could the dental check. Until I saw what it means to have a whiter smile, and now I tell all my friends to try at least the annual check.
Andrei Constantinescu
Going to the dentist was a chore, at least for me it has always been so. I associated it with significant pain and expense. But when I arrived at Verte Clinique I understood that all the things I knew about dentists was at least incomplete. I found that dentists can be funny, but above all, they can be attentive and sympathetic. Since I started the treatment at Dr. Carmen Coroi me and my teeth are happier.
Miruna Avram
I’ve been changing dentists all my life, and the reasons were varied. It was hard to find the complete package but… here we are! Now I have a doctor who understands me but also helped me to see why visiting it’s actually the right thing to do.
Marius Valentin

We perform top dental works at the best dental implant price

 We know that prevention is an important component of medicine and dentistry. Bacterial plaque, tartar and cavities can lead to tooth destruction, if neglected. In this case, tooth extraction is the last solution a dentist is forced to resort in order to avoid complications that can affect other teeth.

But for every problem there is a solution found by our specialists and they can identify an optimal dental implant solution for you, if you need such a work. Those who work in our clinic, one of the best dental clinics in your city, are dedicating their expertise and professionalism for the successful treatment of any dental problems centred on the patients choosing our services.

An expedient dental implant price is one that gives you the desired quality for an implantology work and helps you have again beautiful teeth and an attractive smile. No need to go to other dental clinics just to make a dental x-ray if you need one. Here you have everything in one place, a full range of services covered also by a monthly subscription that you can make for yourself and your family.

A subscription gives you peace and comfort to focus on the issues that must be urgently addressed, all with the support of experts in various dentistry specialities. The cost of a dental implant is determined by many factors. This type of dental implantology work is a safe and aesthetic solution for those who want to regain the integrity of their teeth.

The more an aesthetic material is used, the higher becomes the price of a dental implant. During the treatment also other treatments may be needed or even a larger work which involves preparing a dental crown, too.

On the other hand, it's good to know that a greater number of dental implants may also increase the overall work price, depending on the state of other teeth next to the place where the dental implant is needed. In addition, latest technology further analysis may be needed in order to determine whether the bone where a dental implant is placed can support that work.

Those who use the services of this dental clinic may also need another specialist that would increase the bone mass with a graft, such work involving a high degree of difficulty and complexity.


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Smile is your visiting card. Therefore, we at Verte Clinique offer you the best solutions for regaining and maintaining your health. Excellence in healthcare and our specialists expertise makes us since 1996 the right clinic for you and your loved ones. 



A quality dental implant for teeth to envy!

Dental problems that require immediate solution should not be delayed because their consequences can be unpleasant and complications – even harder to bear. If you go through a tooth extraction, you should know that after a while you need a quality dental implant to replace the missing tooth.

These implantology works must be performed by specialists with the necessary qualifications and experience allowing to conduct a high quality dental implant operation and to confer resistance for such works in a long period of time.

Dental implants can be made of various materials, depending on the patient's desire and compatibility with the tissue where the implant is placed. For a successful implant, some steps are mandatory, helping the dentist to avoid mistakes. The process should not be rushed at all because to each stage corresponds some definite time intervals absolutely necessary in such situations where implants are involved. In recent years, dental implants have become more financially accessible to all who need such work for their teeth. Together with your dentist you can find the best solution for you, having the chance to make a dental implant at optimal cost. You can even choose the material you'd like to have for a quality dental implant. Still, it's good to know that the dentist is the person who takes the final decision in this regard, therefore protecting yourself as much as possible from risks involved in such a complicated procedure.  A dental implant has also a very important aesthetic component because it must look like an identical copy of the natural tooth. Nobody wants other people to notice the lack of a tooth or worse, of several teeth. Especially in the case of anterior teeth, a dental implant is a necessity because it gives that person many advantages particularly given by the strength and appearance of this type of work. Do not hesitate and choose now what is better for your teeth, so all others admire their beauty every day.

Here you will find one of the best dental clinics created for you!


Such implantology work requires the expertise of specialists with a rich experience in the field. They should not leave room for mistakes and carry out some complex work that may have a high degree of difficulty, depending on, but not limited to, oral health problems that each patient has.

Therefore, a dental implant is performed together with a dental technician, taking into account the analyses carried out with the latest technology. Certain materials are used mainly for making a dental implant.

Implantology experts use high quality materials, that must be osteointegrable, meaning they should integrate well into the boneverte-clinique-despre-1 that supports the teeth and not be rejected by other tissues that hold teeth in place. For this reason, many dental clinics are now using titanium because of the many qualities it has. In addition, titanium is resistant to liquids action in the oral cavity and is not destroyed in time, ensuring simultaneously the strength required for a quality dental implant.

Commercial titanium used for dental implants can be pure or made of an alloy and the qualities of this material are indisputable. It offers also the warranty of durability in time and fits just as well in the tissues in which must be fixed.

Here you find the best dental implant price for you!

Whether it's made of titanium, whether it is made of zirconium, the best dental implant price is guaranteed at our clinic. We have optimal solutions for all patients and we can adapt our services to any budget, ensuring at the same time, top quality of works executed by dentists specialized in implantology working with us.

Some patients may prefer zirconia as base material for a dental implant, as it ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance, even better than titanium, from this point of view. The choice of the material to be used should be made carefully, only on the implantology specialist recommendation. The specialist is the person who knows well all the benefits and risks of each material type.

For example, although it has a clear aesthetic advantage, a dental implant made of zirconium is more brittle than titanium. Particularly in the teeth side areas, zirconium is exposed to greater risks due to mastication forces exerted on these parts of the oral cavity.

When you want to get the best dental implant price of the market you have to be careful of possible compromises risks you may assume due to financial reasons.

The price provided after the execution of an implantology work involves also additional works of material finishing and treatment, which are subsequently executed, e.g. acid treated titanium, titanium finish or titanium coated with hydroxyapatite. The specialists of this dental clinics are showing you from the very beginning the risks and benefits this treatment process involves.

A choice made with care, focused on the material to be used, does not have to result in a high cost of the whole implantology work.

Here you will know from the very beginning the total cost of the treatment performed and of the materials used. You will get the best dental implant price following the consultation with the dentist who treats you and after you know all the options available.

If on some other services and products we buy every day we can sometimes make a compromise, this is not recommended when it comes to your health. It is the most important thing and should be treated with care because the inspiration of a good decisions will always prove long-term rewarding.